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... providing health and safety services
... for over 22 years

Welcome to King Health & Safety Inc.
Pro-Active Health Care Specialists
Health Promotion | Health Protection | Prevention Strategies

Our experienced team of health and safety advisors have delivered work place and community care services for the past 22 years.

We work with the client to:

  • Identify
  • Solve
  • Measure
  • Evaluate
  • Continuously Improve

To achieve:

  • Healthy Work Environments for Healthy Workers!
  • Strategies for 'Active Aging' and 'Aging in Place'

Our skilled Occupational Health Nurses, specializing in workplace Health and Safety provide their expertise for pro-active health care, emergency preparedness, prevention strategies, accessing appropriate government policy, understanding regulations, timely health rehabilitation, procedures to facilitate care, risk protection training as well as formal recognized health and safety education programs.

You should consider inviting King Health & Safety Inc. ...

  • ... to perform a "hands on" workplace assessment
  • ... to attend a "family meeting" to discuss "aging" at home strategies
  • ... to provide information on the education programs

You are welcome to send your enquiry by completing our online contact form or email us directly at info@kinghealthsafety.ca.

Jill King, RN, BHSc.(N), COHN(C), COHN-S, Intnl. ASA
Pro-Active Health Care Protection, Prevention Strategies
Risk Hazard Assessment and Ergonomic Improvements
Rehabilitation Specialist and Disability Case Coordinator
International Loss Control Accredited Safety Auditor

Owner Operator King Health & Safety Inc. – profiled in the Toronto Star